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Posted on Thu, 4 Sep 2014 by KiM

The Design Files

I have been hearing alot here on the blog and on Instagram that I should paint my woodwork. I am seriously considering it…but not in my foyer. It would just be too much work and I think it is pretty sweet as it is, despite me being not overly fond of the colours. Jo saw this photo in a recent story on The Design Files and we immediately agreed this is going to be my inspiration. Lots of greenery – plants hanging in macramé hangers, a statement chair (if I can fit one), large art hanging on wall and over paneling, maybe some wallpaper, a large patterned rug, a cane basket, maybe this Tom Dixon light

MadonnaofCoogee says:

Hi Kim, your new(ish) home is gorgeous. That pic no so much. Doesn't it remind you of Hippie Art School student share house circa 1972? I can smell the amber incense! You're too young, of course… I checked out the Design Files home and nearly died of claustrophobia right there.
Also, IMHO don't paint the woodwork, it's really lovely.

Kayla says:


just one lady's opinion here, but please don't paint the woodwork! I live in a craftsman house built in 1909 in Los Angeles. the previous owner restored the woodwork in the two upstairs rooms and said it took him months! but downstairs is still fully painted over… church style window work and moulding and everything. I would love it to be bare stained wood, it would make the house look so much more classy… anyway, the woodwork in your house is beautiful, and I think it would be very interesting to try to blend that in with a somewhat minimal/70s/modern vibe, could look very one of a kind. Rather than painting over it from inspiration on instagram…

just my two cents… all the best!

atma says:

Haha, I envision two camps forming: the painters and the non-painters. Of course, there would be sub-groups – painters would disagree which COLOUR to paint and non-painters would divide along the lines of keeping it classic or creating a hella contrast

It's so exiting!

KiM says:

I'm not saying I want this hallway as it is – it's just inspiration for me to make the woodwork blend instead of standing out as much as it does now. (And I'm not a big fan of the rest of the house this was featured in btw).
I am not painting the woodwork in my hallway. That I am sure of. There's too much detail for it to be even possible without me losing my freaking mind, and I can't afford to hire someone to do it anyway.
atma – exactly! let's see what happens!

FYI: the latest thought on my paint dilemma thanks to Jo's big mouth….leaving hallway/foyer alone as I mention above, and possibly painting out the trim in the other rooms.

Mary says:

Wallpaper- YES!!!

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