Why I should maybe paint my trim/woodwork

Posted on Tue, 16 Sep 2014 by KiM

KiM says:

You people aren't helping!!! 😉
Jared, oddly enough about 5 minutes ago I showed my husband this post and told him maybe I should try black stain/black dry brushing on top of the mahogany for a quick and dirty attempt at getting rid of the red. (I'm pretty much sold on painting/staining the trim in the living/dining rooms).

MadonnaofCoogee says:

I was totally agin the painting of your lovely woodwork: but now….
The grey/black in those pix is so right, and brings out the textural elements of the Victoriana so well. Just the right amount of shine.
If your home has enough light to sustain, I now say paint, my lovely.
Looking forward to your decision! What do the cats say?

jane says:

OMG, GAH! I love it!!!! Keep us posted Kim, but I think this would work wonderfully in your home and with your aesthetics, from what I've seen of them. GAH!

Millix says:

I say definetely paint it. The black takes away that rustic which I find soooo… don't know… boring, I guess.

kathny says:

If you are planning on living there for a long time, then do whatever makes you happy. Paint away! It's your home! However, if you know in your heart that this isn't your "forever home" then don't paint. Leave the stained wood for the next owners who might love it.

oregonbird says:

Just to chime in — deep dark stain sounds better than paint. Texture is the new black!

Cristina Mcvay says:

Nice pictures. I like it a lot. looks great!

John hozy says:

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