Sam Hartnett

Posted on Tue, 30 Sep 2014 by KiM

Sam Hartnett is a very talented architectural photographer from New Zealand. His photos are breathtaking – particularly the outdoor spaces. They really have me wanting to move somewhere with a decent climate.

Maire says:

Just awesome place – and the landscape, wow! Would live here, definitely.
Josh or Sam? 🙂

KiM says:

ohhh……both? 🙂

Bec says:

I'm not sure that Josh Hartnett is from NZ… or a talented photographer 🙂

KiM says:

I know….I meant I'd be happy with both 😉

Emma says:

NZ is home for me! It does get cold but not like you have in Canada ……we tend to have four seasons in one day!

Jenny says:

You know, I can always tell New Zealand architecture without even being told where it is. I want to live in that 3rd photo.

Ombia says:

That balcony. I would spent days there!!!! Reading, drinking coffee or just doing nothing.

María says:

Incredible pictures!!
Lots of love, xx

Margrete says:

I could tell it was NZ by the fences! I love NZ fences …

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