Stalking summer berries

Posted on Tue, 30 Sep 2014 by midcenturyjo

With its powdery berry highlights on a neutral background, its lovely light, pretty courtyard and compact living this contemporary terrace house in Paddington, Sydney is a cocoon of everyday luxury. I seriously want to move in. Packing my bags now. Link here while it lasts.

orton says:

Hi,this is orton form its a well decorated home ,nice furnished.i loved that article and picture of the site.i think its helpful.

Coco says:

I love this house! The surprise for me is that I wouldn't consider it my 'usual' style but I think it is very welcoming. The only off-note to me is the kitchen. I wonder when/if people are ever going to come around to the idea that 'stainless steel appliances' are not the end all/be all. It would have been so much lovelier if the fridge was white or had a façade that was the same as the cabinets.
All that said, I'd move in in a heartbeat!

Ombia says:

I like the kitchen, but do wonder why two ovens and if so why not the same size? I adore the multiple chance to sit inside and feel like being outside.

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