Can’t go wrong with black and white

Posted on Tue, 14 Oct 2014 by KiM

Black and white is such a great starting point for a home. In this case it is white walls and BEAUTIFUL glossy black hardwood. (Gawd how I would love floors like that. DAMN CATS!) Here the owners added lots of colour and kid friendly furnishings to make it energizing and fun. Take out all the colour and add lots of wood, grey and brown and you’ve got another totally different vibe against the black and white. Easy peasy. Via Hus & Hem.

Black and white are definitely the perfect combination! It looks elegant in any situation.
A lot of cool pictures really!

Ombia says:

If you really want that floors so hard, could the cats gang stay at your parents place or at some friends for couple of days? At cat's hotel? I would go for brigher, neutral floors. Black floor any any dust, cat hair etc. is a star.

KiM says:

I have too many cats to be able to drop them of at friend's or my parent's house. And it would take more than a couple of days. If we decide to tackle the floors one day, I'll have to figure something out.

I agree, those floors are just fab aren't they :o) Black and white is so stylish and the perfect blank canvas to build on. I love the added pops of colour in this case, it really does add energy and fun factor, without detracting the stylishness of the home.

Eva says:

I really like it

Meg says:

Love the rug in the kitchen! Where did you find it?

Smitten says:

I just bought the throw rugs pictured here at my local .99 store for 1.99 each. Looks like I will be sewing them together!

KiM says:

?!?! Wish the dollar stores here sold awesome things like $1.99 rugs!!!!

señora says:

This house is so airy, bright, and energetic. So welcoming and real. It has inspired me to choose glossy black floors for my new home- A bold (and risky) choice. I only hope it can turn out 1/2 as beautiful as this . Thanks for sharing pictures that inspire. God bless!

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