Historic gets a dose of industrial

Posted on Wed, 22 Oct 2014 by KiM

McIntosh Poris Associates is a Michigan-based architecture, interior and urban design firm that I am now a huge fan of. They took a historic structure and gave it some funk with lots of rustic and industrial touches. They painted out the wood work black (OH YES THEY DID!), and kept the walls white for contrast. Warm colours in the furnishings keep things cozy. This home ROCKS!

LOVE THIS! An existing large soffit in the mud/laundry room hallway, which made for a very low and dark space, was removed and replaced with a steel and wire glass skylight. The glass ceiling doubles as the stair landing between the first and second floor above, allowing for a unique view of the custom bookcase and a constant natural light source.

Dana says:

LOVE the giant drill bit table legs! Great space!

The furniture is so unique and adds to this space. The library portion is great too. Wonderful work!

Kathryn says:

any one know how/where to source the dining room light fixture?

Cate says:

Loving the table and stools!

Oregonbird says:

Dedicated to uncomfortable yet visually-exciting seating!

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