Eclectic on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 26 Oct 2014 by KiM

It has been a bit of a crap weekend so far – I am dealing with my second cold/throat infection in a month, and I spent 11 straight hours yesterday finishing up painting my living room (all I have left to do are the alcoves on either side of the back window once husband builds and installs shelves). It looks fantastic and I am really pleased. Photos to come once the room is complete and put back in order. And on a side note of happenings around here, I have a kitten rescue scheduled for Thursday (gawd help me) and a trip to Montreal Friday to pick up some vintage chairs for my dining room (!!!!). Anyway, it’s 5 am and before I head back to bed with the cats I leave you with one of the most eclectic homes I have seen in a while. It is located in Barcelona in a building built in 1910, and was formerly a jewelry shop. Now it is home to the owners of an antique shop – which makes complete sense once you see the fabulous interior. It is furnished with such random pieces from different eras yet somehow it all works. (Via Nuevo Estilo)

Ombia says:

Get well soon Kim! I am also having my second throat infection in a month, loads of antibiotics and am trying do stay produtive, but most of the time I am just tired.

"Anyway, it's 5 am and before I head back to bed with the cats "

That is actually a good part of being ill. Having cats around me, last time I had fever and couln't move they both stayed all the time with me and licked my nose, forehead etc. I tried to gave some resistance, but they found me unter the blanket and crept up from the foot side up to my nose all happy and excited that they were successful….

Sally says:

This is a gorgeous home with great light and colours. I am glad you stayed up till 5am to post it. I hope you feel better and can get plenty of sleep.

peggy says:

I need the coffee table in the first pic.

vicki says:

I. Want. That. Floor.
And all those scissor/accordian lamps.

Dana D says:

Have you considered nasal rinsing? Really, ok, I love the color and the juxtaposition in the pics, but off topic I can tell you that nasal rinsing nightly October thru March has saved me from all sorts of illness and head and chest mayhem. I've had nary a sinus infection (oh those were awful) nor cold since I started this practice four years ago.

Please try it…

and keep giving us the beauty of design and color and art!

KiM says:

Nasal rinsing? That sounds horrible. Although right now I am so stuffed up I'd probably love it. I think I should have had my tonsils removed 30 years ago too.

The High Road Design Studio says:

LOVE the pink table and all of the antique/vintage pieces. This place is amazing.

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