Lubrano Ciavarra Architects

Posted on Tue, 28 Oct 2014 by KiM

Lubrano Ciavarra Architects, is a Brooklyn-based architecture and design studio founded by Anne Marie Lubrano and Lea Ciavarra in 1999. This West Village townhouse is an absolute dream. It is a beauty inside and out, and despite the small footprint (it’s 2900 sq ft!) living here would be living large. (I would be happy just to have the first bathroom below – stunning!) 

Cheryl says:

Such a North American statement–to consider that a 2900 sq ft home is small. 😉

KiM says:

I'm pretty sure no one in North America considers a 2900 sq ft home small, including me. I said this home had a small footprint.

Shelley says:

The footprint is not 2900, there's just a mistake somewhere.

Shelley says:

Oh, I get it, about 900 square feet on each floor and there's 3 floors. Yes, 900 sq ft is a small footprint!

lindsay says:

do you know where the red table is from on the rooftop patio?

KiM says:

Sorry lindsay I don't know

superdutch says:

Please correct the article if the footprint is not 2900 (which would make for a ginooooooormous house, especially by NY standards), it is a tad misleading! The house is fabulous, though!

Ombia says:

@kim or anybody else – for all of us not native speakers? What small footprint means in this context? Thank you.

KiM says:

superdutch and Ombia, footprint does not mean square footage, so there is nothing to correct in this post. footprint = The surface space occupied by a structure or device (google it). This home has no front yard, zero side yard, almost no backyard, and seems very narrow. So I came to the conclusion that it has a small footprint, despite being 2900 sq ft.

Dale Lunan says:

Greetings, glad to see the positive response to this project here. To settle the footprint debate – The house is 4 floors (garden, parlor, 2nd and 3rd fl) at about 670sf each. The interior width is just over 15'. You can find this project in the upcoming edition of Dwell. -Thanks

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