A bank conversion

Posted on Wed, 5 Nov 2014 by KiM

Typically if Jo and I feature a conversion, it is of a church, or a barn. This time I have one that is a little different. It is a former bank in Detroit – a stunning structure, despite copious amounts of graffiti (so sad). The openness, the vestibule, the windows, and OMG the potential on the roof! I would live here in a heartbeat (if the ‘hood isn’t too sketchy). Thanks Suzanne for the link! (via, photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard

margaret says:

This is an excellent example of don't judge a book by its cover!

Jared Hayden says:

It's a fabulous building, although judging from the first two pictures, I'd say the 'hood is the very definition of "sketchy". But urban pioneers with vision and courage are usually amply rewarded, and I hope that's the case here. Detroit, with its decimated but architecturally glorious urban core, could become fertile ground for inspiring creative renewal. Kudos to this project.

peggy says:

I love urban renewal, sadly most cannot afford it. Also, I've lived in many old buildings and they are not necessarily safe. Asbestos is a serious problem. Those floors and some of the exposed brick and wood probably harbor black mold. Also a serious problem. Though the building is beautiful, I wonder if it's safe.

KiM says:

Peggy I'm going to start calling you Debbie Downer!

Katie says:

It's so sad what has happened to Detroit – I hope it comes back. I have never been there but it would be sad to lose all that history and beautiful architecture. Asbestos – lots of homes have it – you just need to be aware and careful when renovating.

Heidi says:

At least you would know your house was safe from the average break-in!

SueL says:

It is sad what has happened to Detroit over the decades with the mass exodus of its population and subsequent decline. I live in a suburb of Detroit and believe me, it's coming back! Neighborhoods in Detroit need a few brave souls such as these to start the progression and others have and will follow. I see it happening in the city and, with time, it will continue. Bravo to these homeowners for an amazing transformation of a beautiful old building!

Ombia says:

Stunning work! But why they didn't restore the outside to? Graffiti I mean.
Real industrial loft. I do wonde rhow much they pay for heating.
The bricks building to the left has also great potential.

Flor says:

hahaha… I agree with Heidi on that one.

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