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Posted on Wed, 12 Nov 2014 by KiM

Having just ended a four day weekend, I managed to get some photos taken around my house and get them organized for a couple of posts. This first post is to show you the new dining chairs I purchased, along with a few rugs to help hide my hideous floors. As I hinted a couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on a set of eight vintage reproduction tulip chairs, from Benjamin Curran in Montreal. Yes, EIGHT. GIDDY UP! They are fantastic for repros – the bases are steel and the seats are fibreglass. They are upholstered in a chocolate brown velvet which I am slowly learning to love – especially the velvet part. When it comes time to vacuum up the cat fur it’s a breeze, so I think the velvet will stick around a while. Or I need to find some other colour of velvet to reupholster them with. Please keep in mind with these photos that I have done nothing with this room except purchase the light fixture and credenza. I need a new larger dining table, paint, new curtains, a new rug (this one makes the chairs look really beige which is driving me nuts – I’m on the hunt for a replacement to the cowhide) and whatever else I can come up with.

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I took a drive out to check out the Third World Bazaar in Manotick. They are open 6 weekends a year around Thanksgiving, and carry beautiful products sourced from around the world – Bangladesh, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Guatemala, Indonesia etc. I try to go every year (my sister’s godmother Brenda Cavaciutti helps run it – it’s one of the only times I get to see her) and always come home with a car full of goodies. This year it was all about rugs, required to help hide my yellow/orange stained hardwood floors. I found 3 small rugs – wool kilims from Morocco, Pakistan and India. I have 2 in the living room and 1 in the foyer. The cats freaking LOVE them. Which is great seeing how easy it is to get cat fur off of wool (that was a totally sarcastic remark). They’re doing the trick though so I can’t complain. P.S. This weekend is the last chance to hit the bazaar this year so GO!!!

W O N D E R F U L, Kim!!! xoxo

leslie says:

Apologies if you have said this elsewhere, but where is that fantastic light fixture from??

KiM says:

🙂 The light was purchased in Montreal at Phil'z 20th Century Furniture.

Thanks d e!

Missy says:

I love the dining light!

danielle lamouroux says:

pse excuse me for my English but i am french. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. the pendant lamp in your dining room is ab fabbut here in France it is sometjing around
6000 EUROS!!!!!is it the same in canada

thank youfor your beautiful site

best regards danielle lamouroux

Chris says:

Well done Kim. You have a wonderful eye for composition and colour… but more than that, you created a space here that invites us to sit down at the table with you.

KiM says:

Thank you Missy, danielle and Chris 🙂

Noooooo the light did not cost anywhere near 6000 euros! (minus a zero maybe…)

Ann says:

Hi – I bought this same light fixture about 3wks ago from Joss and Main, but have yet to install it. Do you still love it as much as you did initially? I just think it's SO cool, but I hope I don't get tired of it or grow out of it, bc it wasn't cheap, lol! I bought it for my kitchen nook, which is actually my painting studio.

deon marais says:

love the cowhide. dont gt rid of it. instead i suggest you change the cushions on the chairs. something light and fun. maybe i the same colour range as the cowhide.

i do love that

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