Nathan Burkett

Posted on Wed, 19 Nov 2014 by KiM

Last night in Ottawa it was -15 C with the windchill. And Jo is melting in 40 C heat. While we both bitch, complain and suffer, this outdoor space is exactly where I want to be right now. It is modern and sleek and such a perfect hangout for enjoying beautiful weather. I would give anything to be able to enjoy the outdoors more than 4-5 months a year. Thank you landscape designer Nathan Burkett (based in Melbourne) for making me want to cry.  

Kimberly says:

Some really great detailing (slot diffusers on drop soffit over island. genius.) but why no dedicated over table lighting? The cans are over circulation…was the architect asleep?

Edna Luer says:

Beautiful sleek outdoor living. I love the contemporary cantilever pergola. I would like to have one in my backyard. Can you send me details on the construction.
Thank you.

tanya Brillembourg says:

I love the rocking chairs here in ur pics the one with the yellow trimming please send me the info and the price for them

KiM says:

Sorry Tanya I don’t know where they are from

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