Colour coded

Posted on Tue, 25 Nov 2014 by KiM

Gisbert Pöppler is an architect and interior designer based in Berlin whose portfolio is….jaw-dropping. Exuberant flourishes are tempered with Northern European restraint, creating harmonious hybrids of unexpected elegance. If you are one to err on the side of colour, then feast your eyes on these spaces. Art deco, mid-century mixed with every colour combination you could think of. And somehow, it just works. But I think that’s because the architecture is as bold and ornate as the colours. Attempt this in your cookie-cutter house in the burbs and you will likely fail miserably.

beth says:

I love this home!

Jared Hayden says:

Genius. And with a name like Gisbert Pöppler, I'd expect nothing less.

Sparky says:


IVE SEEN THIS style of eclectic mix done sooo many times but KUDOS to you and GISBERT POPPLER ,,,truly inspiring and delicious !!


Loved it all!

María says:

The red and wood dining room is gorgeous!
Lots of love, xx

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