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Posted on Thu, 4 Dec 2014 by KiM

Gabriel Fontes de Faria, a designer @ Homepolish (and an IG buddy of mine – him, me) sent us over a link to a feature on Freshome of the Chicago home he shares with his hubby Grant. It is totally gorgeous, but I laugh when he agreed with me that a designer or a design lover like myself are always dealing with our own homes as a work in progress. The decorating never ends! As soon as I finish I need to go back and start again. Anyway, his home is filled with my favourites – Bertoia chairs, a whole whack of different Eames chairs, a Saarinen tulip table and some vintage randomness to keep you intrigued. I love it Gabriel! (Photos by Dustin Halleck)

amit says:

really good one
nice post

Isabelle says:

I love the chandelier! Please tell me where I can find it…knowing I am settled up in Belgium 😉

Claire says:

Great design! Are the shelves on the grey wall the LACK from IKEA?

d of dogland says:

I've got a question…and it's not meant to be facetious. Many homes featured on design sites have fireplaces or wood stoves flanked by ample wood storage. It looks lovely and seems convenient but…doesn't anyone have a problem with bugs, debris, moss and mold, etc?

I would love to keep a cache of firewood inside but, it's messy, there are bugs and it doesn't stay in neat stacks when you are taking from the stacks to fuel the fire. Fireplaces, firewood are mess makers no way around it.

Ombia says:

Great chairs and tables, but kitchen…:-/

Also great lamps! Here I would like to see one big picture instead of those matchy machy solutions, it looks like there was a special offer in a supermarket

I love the wall colour. Beautiful windows.

Gabriel says:

Hi guys, thank you so much for the compliments and for the criticism! The house is a never ending work in progress…

To answer your questions –
Isabelle: the chandelier is called Crown Major and it's made by Nemo Lighting (from Italy). It is a bit pricey, but it's really beautiful and well made. They also make a smaller version of it called Crown Minor.

Claire: Yes! Those are the LACK shelves from Ikea. They are great for their price, but you need to make sure to fasten them well to the wall if want to put books and heavier things on them. We made sure to attach ours to the studs behind the drywall.

D of Dogland: It's funny you ask that because a lot of people ask me that same question. I can only speak for myself, but I have kept piles of firewood for our fireplace inside the house and have never had any problems with mold or bugs. I think as long as you make sure the wood you're bringing in is pretty dry, you shouldn't have a problem. 🙂

Thanks again everyone!

Chan says:

There seems to be not one original idea here. Everything seems text book mid century. From the Eames office chairs to the marble countertops. Nothing is wrong at all. It fact it looks really well put together. But it looks like it came straight off a catalogue page from Herman Miller.

Haley says:

Can you tell me where you go the chairs in your kitchen? So hard to find the eames style chairs with the black legs! Thanks

ombia says:

There are not Eames style, they are Eames. In Europe you can buy them with black legs in every shop they are sold.

KiM says:

Haley, if you google Eames dowel-leg side chair (DSW) you'll find them (even outside of Europe).

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