The Little House

Posted on Fri, 12 Dec 2014 by midcenturyjo

Close the door on the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Calm, relaxed, stylish. Simple beauty in Brighton by Zoë Ellison and Alex Legendre of i gigi.

PD says:

I know this house and like it, it's located in Brighton UK. And created by the team behind interiors and lifestyle store

chania says:

I love this house. Stripped down and pared back to the most minimal requirements. Gorgeous. I don't see the dusty party either that the first comment stated. It's a muted pallet, not sharp so maybe the lack of contrast blurs for her.

Well done.

PG says:

I get what the person is saying… the color scheme is just SO monotone and it works for some people and not for others but I'm not sure that it looks dusty… it does look calm but at the same time really really boring. great materials throughout. I would just make it more personal, colorful, and less staged and life-less

Ivy Lane says:

I love this "little house"… wondering if all the fireplaces are working fireplaces….how cozy!

Randy Trainor says:

All of the wooden elements are fantastic. Great work.

Margaret says:

Had I all the money I would by that house just for the stair railing!

Inny Dhla says:

This is so beautiful and romantic! Feng Shui at last! Those fireplaces work, I'm sure they do!

Ombia says:

I love "life-ess" colours. They are so calm and relaxed for me. No visual clutter. Just peace. Reduced to basics. 🙂
I love the windows too!

" I also can't for the life of me figure out where this is."

This is strange Julia!
First google entry is DTI and the second one

Where did you search?!

What I don't like are low ceilings, they make me feel claustrophobic! Minus is also carpet on the stairs.

Claire says:

it looks lovely as it is…for the sake of the photoshoot. Trying to imagine it with all personal items, kids toys, kitchen appliances, toiletries, shampoos, food, drinks, everyday objects etc….. it would look odd!!

Stephanie says:

Absolutely beautiful, everyone has their own style but this is a beautiful canvas for someone to put their mark on, personally I would leave well alone, it’s stunning as it is.

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