Hiding out in Hotel Hotel

Posted on Fri, 19 Dec 2014 by midcenturyjo

I’m running away from Christmas. Who else is in? And I’m not escaping to a hip, happening must do destination… or am I? For a long time many of our nations’ capitals have got a bad wrap. Dull, boring hubs of government and not much else. Just ask Kim. She lives in Ottawa. Things are changing, at least in Australia’s national capital Canberra. How much more hip and happening can the new Hotel Hotel get? So cool it’s positively frosty… that’s if it wasn’t so hot. Anyone else want to run to Canberra? At least until Christmas is over?

beth says:

WOW! The textiles are amazing!

Looks like it's going to be great! Pretty convincing cgi previews!

KiM says:

Those aren't CGI renderings – it's the real deal. (I blogged some pics of this place a while back too via the photographer)

Joanne Jakab Interior Design says:

Wow, this is very unique. The wood, the cement, the lights, and the pink couch. Every picture had some amazing feature to it. It looks comfy and stunning all at once. Great work!

Ombia says:


What a light! i would love to sit here with my significant other and drink our afternoon coffee.

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