Posted on Tue, 6 Jan 2015 by KiM

It was hard deciding what to follow up that last post with, so I settled on a few photos from the portfolio of photographer Lucy Schaeffer that gives you a glimpse into 3 spaces, each with intriguing details…


This photo is perfection. A glimpse is all you need. A bathroom with flat black doors, white subway tiles with dark grout, and gold hardware is IT.

Those high ceilings with such beautiful detail = *GASP*, and the copper pipe hardware is a cool touch. (I am pretending I don’t see the ceiling fan…)

Can’t decide on art to buy? Have some fun with a roll of tape in the meantime.

Lisa says:

And then there are Thomas O'Brien's black doors as well. What to do, What to do —

KiM says:

Nope. M A T T E!!!

Lumar Interiors says:

Love the second picture. The archway and ceiling are to die for! Wow!

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