Axel Vervoordt

Posted on Thu, 22 Jan 2015 by KiM

Axel Vervoordt. If you do not know this name, you will remember it once you get to the end of this post. Axel Vervoordt of Antwerp, Belgium started out as an antiques dealer and has become one of the most influential interior designers of our time. His spaces are poetic, artistic and mesmerizing. It is almost more what is not there that what is. These first two rooms have captured me and made my heart skip a beat.

Oohhhh, i LOVE it! Just wonderful, simple and minimalist…..GREAT!

Isabel says:

Beautiful!!!My heart skip a beat too.

Emmanuelle C. says:

Welcome to real european style with a touch of asian delicacy 😉

Jared Hayden says:

Raw, rustic primitivism only people with wall-sized Basquiats can afford.

Ivana says:

I could live here!

Elly says:

I'm literally yearning for that bottom bedroom..!

Randy Trainor says:

Very raw and rustic feeling. He seems to have a lot of passion. Amazing work.

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