Happy Friday!

Posted on Fri, 23 Jan 2015 by KiM

I thought I would share a little bit of Femina eye candy before I head out for a day of errands since this is my day off from my government job. I hate that alot of my days off end up like this, with a to-do list a mile long so I could use a little pick-me-up with these photos below. I shouldn’t complain too much – on my list are items like find some decorations for my new blue/black and white kitchen, and visit/feed my stray kittens – which is a daily event that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming (as of 2 days ago the littlest one has decided he likes me petting him!). Happy Friday folks!

Sparky says:

All lovely. xSparky

Ombia says:

Thank you for feeding those poor babies. What do you think, will they survive until spring?:-(
Most of my saturdays look like running to the post office, bucther, hair dresser, supermarket, dry-cleaning, cleaning the apartment and only sunday is really off.

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