Half old, half new

Posted on Tue, 10 Feb 2015 by KiM

One of my favourite Canadian architecture firms continues to impress me with their ingenuity and attention to detail. _naturehumaine blew me away with this home in Montreal. The clients had outgrown their 1920’s house on a large lot on Montreal’s south shore. They wanted a contemporary extension that would harmonize with their existing house and highlight and expose the structural brick. The existing house and the extension were separated by a glazed volume where the vertical circulation of the house is located. The extension is organized into 2 intertwining volumes. A brick volume makes up the base and becomes the support for a steel clad volume that projects out into the backyard. The ‘sleeping basket’ is found at this projection where a large window frames the foliage. This becomes a space to relax and gaze out towards the garden as well as an area for the children to play while maintaining contact with the kitchen and dining spaces below.

The new extension is subtle in its detail, and with a flat roof line matching the old house, seems to blend fairly seamlessly. 

Of course, because they are brilliant, _naturehumaine kept the brick of the old part of the house exposed. AS THEY SHOULD. 🙂

Are you sick of pot lights too? LOOK WHAT THEY DID HERE!!!

That storage pod thing is pretty cool, housing a ‘secret’ powder room.

A simple streamlined kitchen with 2 colours of cabinetry I never would have thought to put together…but it looks fantastic. 

A perfect spot for massive sets of doors and windows. What a beautiful view of the surrounding trees. 

Where mosaic tile meets pine paneling. I love this table connecting to the window, and how the hanging pendant lights emphasize the height. 

This is beautiful, how the section of brick is framed. 

My dream office is back there. 

It would be like working in a tree house.

(More features of _naturehumaine’s work here, here and here)

Emily says:

Wow, this turned out amazing, and I have never seen anything like it.

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