Vintage kitchens

Posted on Tue, 17 Feb 2015 by KiM

Elle Decoration Sweden (photo: Petra Bindel)

I love vintage kitchens. There is something so comforting and unpretentious about them, filled with character and they look even better with scratches in the butcher block, wine stains on the counters, and pots and pans hanging from any surface with a hook. I thought I would do a round-up of vintage kitchens (love the ones with industrial touches too) in the hopes of inspiring anyone who has a vintage kitchen to maybe reconsider updating it. Because you may regret it. 

Covet Garden

Covet Garden

Rum Hemma

Homelife (Photo: Sharyn Cairns)


Hus & Hem

The Design Files

Elle Decoration Sweden (Photo: Esther Sorri)

The Design Files

The Design Files

Better Homes and Gardens

casa de boneca

The Design Files


Inside Out (photo: Fiona Galbraith)

MilK (Photos: Julie Ansiau)

Freunde von Freunden

littledragon says:

Love this post!!! Half are now in my inspiration folder. Thanks!

Tilly says:

These kitchens are beautiful, and so encouraging to those of us with kitchens (and creaky cupboards) from the 1940s.

Sparky says:

I love them, too. In at least four inner city old-world apartments I've rented over the years in Seattle and San Francisco, there were kitchens like these. I really fell in love with some of the old gas ranges and would loved to have taken them with me when I moved! One apartment still had the built-in old ice-box with the locking tight handle on the door, which I used as another storage cabinet, as it was no longer functioning as an ice box. Another had a tiny door in the pantry exterior wall which opened onto the apartment hallway—that was the door through which milk was delivered. I could go on and on—how I love them. ~Sparky

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