Gill Renlund spaces of note

Posted on Wed, 18 Feb 2015 by KiM

I looooove this kitchen! The stainless cabinets with marble countertop is SO hot. I adore the vintage lights over the sink, and the beverage station with hanging wine glasses for easy access. I even dig the tree on the table – distracts you from the fact that there is no light over the table.

What a cool space – the random finishes on the ceiling and the peeling wall, together with the painted floor and chalky grey wall is all about subtle textures and sheens. And I may be nuts, but maybe a huge skull painted on the wall is not such a bad idea. 🙂

This photo makes me want to cry, the winter here has been so cold and snowy and BRUTAL. But I leave for Mexico in one week, so there’s that. But right now I would love to be sitting on that porch with a glass of wine. 

From the portfolio of interior stylist Gill Renlund.

Jared Hayden says:

I'm really liking these organically evolved Scandi kitchens with the stainless fixtures, tile walls and lack of overhead cabinets. They look like people really cook and live in them.

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