A book lover’s dream

Posted on Thu, 5 Mar 2015 by KiM

This is any book lover’s dream – tons and tons of book storage that is far from your typical row of Ikea Billy bookcases. If I had this shelving I would spend my days scouring book stores. It is the perfect excuse. By Feldman Architecture

JD says:

Looks great and I love the way the TV/speakers are built in and can be hidden. Unfortunately it's not so great for the books – especially when they're in full sunlight!

Blanders says:

The Shame Panel to cover the TV is hilarious. "Television? What television? We don't own a television! We read books! How very dare you!"

The literary pretentions are further undone by the styling for the photo shoot. Turning a few books around so that their covers face out is a trick of upmarket bookstores, not serious bibliophiles.

Adam says:

I would love to know what kind of couch that is!

Andy says:

Well Blanders I do not agree. I have started to place a lot of books with the front cover in full view. There are so many great covers that never are displayed at home. Try it! And it actually works really great in my IKEA Billy's… 😉

d of dogland says:

Adam, Looks like Ligne Roset's Togo Collection sofa and chairs designed in 1973. Available today if you've got the bucks.

Torgny says:

While floor to ceiling shelves are nice, they aren't very well designed for books: they are too deep (leading to books being shelved two-deep so you can't see all the titles); too tall (leading to books being stacked vertically, making certain books hard to get to), and too exposed to sunlight (meaning the books' spines will become sun-bleached over time unless those windows are treated, which they don't seem to be).

Åsa, Gothenburg says:

I love this! It is the first time I can see the point of storing the books by color, which I normally hate… I think it is unavoidable to always protect your books from sunlight if you have a lot of them, unless you have bookshelves wiht doors, so I was happy to see a home with books and television, not only showrooms!

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