Affordable architecture

Posted on Mon, 9 Mar 2015 by KiM


Sorry folks, I didn’t receive enough pets on furniture entries while I was away for a post today (you can send them to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net), but I do have a funky, modern 2 bedroom home that is for rent in London via Domus Nova. It is designed by architects Teatum + Teatum who believe in creating all of their properties to rent to make great architecture available to as many people as possible. By using simple and affordable materials that are available in local hardware outlets they are showing how we can make something special with a limited budget. In this home they made use of sterling board (otherwise known as OSB) which is readily available and inexpensive. That combined with concrete, metalwork and painted brick (I personally would have loved seeing more of the brick) makes for a very interesting textural eye candy. 

Randy Trainor says:

The doors, blue sofa and skylights are incredible! Wow!

ben says:

The OSB makes it look cheap….

lillylikely says:

Not sure whether "affordable architecture" is the correct term when the monthly rent translates to close to AU$ 4,000. Yes, I do realize it is London and even the tiniest room can be eye-wateringly expensive, but to me it does seem to make the concept of affordable housing a bit of a mockery.

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