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Pitchi is a new platform based out of Melbourne, Australia that allows folks to buy and sell products using video. It redefines the way consumers create, use and interact with video and is soon to become the premier buying and selling destination for young and innovative Australians.
This method of pitching products online allows the sellers to be more personal and engaging while showing passion for their products.
We wanted people to be able to sell as they would at a local market or if they had their own bricks and mortar store, forming a connection with each customer they encountered. This personal connection allows buyers to form a genuine appreciation for what’s on sale, which then inspires purchase.
Our aim is that each and every pitchi video is a tool for the empowerment of the entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone that makes a pitchi video should be proud of what they have for sale. Everyone that buys from a pitchi video will know the story of where that item came from and can appreciate the true value of what they have bought.
I really love this concept.
It is simple yet so effective in this day and age where we are bombarded with advertisements and every product you can think of is readily available from a variety of sources. In this case you know exactly what you’re getting, and the creative person behind the product who put themselves out there to promote it.
I went through Pitchi and found some really entrepreneurs and local designers while watching many videos. It is such an unconventional way to shop – I love it! Plus, some of the videos were a HOOT! (Like this one)

First up – Corn + Celeste berber rugs. They are gorgeous!!!

Next I found the Onada Siesta chair. Because everyone needs the perfect place for a siesta, so why not do it in style.

Furniture as works of art. Definitively the case with this bench by Sawdust Bureau.

One more I had to share – the Freefold popup boxes. Really clever totally customizable storage that looks really cool to boot.

~ This post is in collaboration with the folks of Pitchi ~

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