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Posted on Tue, 14 Apr 2015 by KiM

I have been talking for YEARS about having a corner of my home where I could display bar glasses and stash my collection of wine and liquor. Unfortunately in my previous home there was just no room to carve out specifically for this purpose. Now that I have a larger home that isn’t 11 sq ft wide I am going to make damn sure I make this dream come true. Whether I purchase a vintage bar cart, use the top of my dining room sideboard or get husband to convert a large vintage record player/radio into a beverage centre/Bluetooth speaker, it is going to happen one of these days. So over the weekend, before the feral cat chaos elevated to new heights, I scoured the interwebs for photos of inspiration. Here are some favourites:




The Design Files

The Everygirl

Joanna Lavén

Elle Decoration Sweden



The Selby

House & Home




The Effortless Chic

Glitter Guide

House & Home


Lindsay says:

So many wonderful ideas here! I'm in pursuit of a bar setup, as well, but am overwhelmed by all the options. I'm also a little reluctant—they seem like a bear to clean!

AMR says:

Drink lots and you won't see the dust. 🙂
I'd very afraid that all the reading material would come crashing down onto the beverage assortment in The Everygirl set-up…
Love these and doubly so thanks to Mad Men.

Axie says:

I think the last one-visi- would keep me from drinking too much. Too many and you'd never find the alchohol in maze of things. Maybe that's the point…

Inny Dhla says:

we drink way too much for any of these cute ideas to work for us.

María says:

Love the second one! What an amazing idea for a post, very inspirational
Lots of love, xx

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