Dock St Warehouse

Posted on Fri, 17 Apr 2015 by midcenturyjo

Live, work, play in a warehouse conversion by Brisbane based architectural firm Surroundings. Human centric, holistic. Enveloping, encompassing, cocooning. Retreat and self expression. Building relating to people and people to the building. Meaning and moment. I’m struggling for words to describe the visceral tug this series of spaces is having on me. As brilliant as the sunshine must be when you leave its cool, dark interiors. Dock St Warehouse by Surroundings with interiors in collaboration with Jacks Corner Design. Photography by Camera Obscura.

Jared Hayden says:

It looks like a sex club.

D Roettger says:

I'd totally live in that sex club

Tammy says:

A sex club with no beds? Or maybe I am just not sure what a "sex club" is.

inteligentny_dom says:

Beautiful place, looks amazing.

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