Castle Rock House

Posted on Mon, 20 Apr 2015 by midcenturyjo

“We are as a practise interested in the trade-off between convenience and delight. We believe that the more the building demands that you engage with nature and basic daily rituals the more delightful the experience will be.” – Herbst Architects.

I am delighted, entranced, challenged and content. Two pavilions perch on a ridge overlooking a small beach. Indoors and out meet and mix blurring boundaries, extending views, enhancing the get away from it all holiday vibe. The New Zealanders truly know how to design a family holiday home.

Adriene says:

Holiday home? Can this be my everyday home? I'm usually not that into that modern aesthetic with all of it's straight lines and plain flat surfaces. And I usually kind of freak out at the idea of huge windows in private spaces like the bath and bedroom. But . . . this I love! All of the wood and natural materials reminds me of that '1970s handmade house' vibe. In fact, if I squint my eyes and turn my head sideways a few of the views here remind me of the house I grew up in. It was not as nice as this though. This is gorgeous!

María says:

I'm in love with this!
Lots of love, xx

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