Decorating fireplace mantels

Posted on Wed, 22 Apr 2015 by KiM

Location 78

I finally have a fireplace again in my living room (I had one 2 houses ago) and this time it is beautiful, a centrepiece of the room with a mantel deep enough to display pretty much anything. As seen in my last post of the space, I had stuck some off-white West German vases on it with all the dried flowers I had around, my Vladimir Tretchikoff Green Lady print I unpacked from my art stash in the basement and some little ornaments I picked up in Puerto Vallarta I have not figured out where to hang yet. I thought over the weekend that maybe it was about time to think about redoing this set-up…and I could not really come up with anything. Time for a fireplace mantel round-up for inspiration! Here are a bunch of mantels I found all over the internet that I really like. Especially the one above. đŸ™‚

The Socialite Family

Hans Mossel



Tommy Smythe – Michael Graydon

Nicole Franzen





Jessie D. Miller







Axie says:

oooohhh that first pic- Location 78- I'm not sure why, but it has the perfect combination of many elements without looking overcrowded. Why don't all my little doo-dads on the mantle look that well curated? đŸ™‚

Fire places in spring ? Sense oh humour ! I love it ! The photos are so nice !
Bonne soirée.

Cussot says:

Sadly, Mother Nature is laughing at us around here, VĂ©ronique – they were forecasting flurries that day.

Lynn says:

absolutely the best are the ones with the fires burning in them!!

MarĂ­a says:

Lonny's look incredible!
Lots of love, xx

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