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Posted on Mon, 27 Apr 2015 by KiM

Sadly, MoSmitty’s life ended this past Thursday April 23rd. I am hoping that you might run his pic in his memory. He was my 18 pound fearless protector and defender, 24 hr. a day constant companion. He was smart beyond words and looked at you as if he understood anything and everything. He was THE MAN…my lil man Mo. I am a very private person and shy away from camera lenses, selfies, etc… But, I want to honor my boy. I hope you will honor my boy. He DID love furniture, especially anything with down cushions. Down pillows and beds with down comforters were his favorite. In the photo he was at the Westin in Seattle on one of their “heavenly beds.” Although they supplied a dog bed, that was not for him.
We here in dogland, me and his devoted brother Dexter feel lost and adrift without our MoSmitty. 

– d of dogland (aka Donna)

This is Suri, our 8 month old romanian street dog, on her newfound 2nd favourite place in the house.
– Nina (Berlin)

This is Bella. I rescued her about 2-1/2 years ago. She greets everyone that comes into my home and if they ignore her she will meow up at them until they acknowledge her. LOL
– Alison (Houston, TX)

My dog is Standard Schnauzer Wilibald (Wili), and he is working with me at my studio.
First part of the day he is spending in different poses on the sofa

His friend Bali- Swiss Shepherd is regular guest

Wilibald often goes with me when I’m working out of office (here, he is checking construction of staircase 🙂 )

…or he is just chilling in atelier 

We have more friends…this is Borzoi Zappa, being our home guest while I was in the middle of relocating, with house filled with boxes and furniture without its place…I can t say that he did any helping job exept ironing my sofa 🙂

– Ana (Split, Croatia)

I didn’t think I would have enough pet entries for a post anytime soon so I didn’t manage to get any decent photos of any of my herd on furniture. But I did take this – fatty Felix in a vintage wooden crate turned cat bed. So here you go. 


If you would like to submit a pets on furniture entry, please send photos to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net. I would love to try and keep this series alive. 

Dawn says:

Such beautiful pets!!:)

d of dogland says:

Thank you for posting Mo Smitty's photo. I will miss my lil man Mo forever. Mo Smitty came to us from the Humane Society. Every dog or cat whose ever been a part of the dogland pack had either come from a shelter, been abandoned or a stray. BUT, they have all been truly great. They all fit right in. It was as if we'd been together forever. We belonged to each other. We belonged together, inextricably linked, as if we shared the same DNA.
Even through my grief, I would like to encourage everyone to consider an addition to their pack. There are far too many loving little beings out there who need homes. Please look beyond your vision of the perfect dog, cat, bird, etc. See beyond age, breed, pedigree etc…
You share your home but, they will give you more than you could ever imagine in return.
Thanks Again, d of dogland and proud mom to MoSmitty

pd says:

Oh sweet MoSmitty, such expressive eyes! may he be in a much sweeter place! All pups and kitties melt my heart & I am so glad that you haven't completely given up on PoF! Might have to send some pics for next Monday 🙂

annie says:

So sorry to hear of your loss d of dogland. Our next canine addition will definitely be from a rescue shelter.This is on hold however as we have an 18 year old cat Puddha whom we rescued as a 4 year old, and we don't think she would cope with any significant changes at the moment. Thanks for sharing – thoughts are with you.

Millix says:

Love them all, but Mo Smitty surely deserves the gold medal for inspiring such love 🙂

Patti says:

Sorry to hear about the loss of Mo. They are so much part of the family and often better than quite a few humans I've met! Thank you for sharing your photo and your story.

oh Holland says:

@d of dogland

As a Mom to five formerly homeless dogs (and dozens more over the years), I stand shoulder to shoulder with you in urging the adoption of any pet in need … whether from a shelter, rescue group, off the streets or a left a four legged friend behind because the owner has passed.

Bless your precious MoSmitty's soul. What a lovely boy.

Ombia says:

I love Felix! My Felix had almost the say day bed. And same whiskers.
We got our feral cat. She lives behind the sofa. I hope we will all survice this.

Ombia says:

I love Felix! My Felix had almost the say day bed. And same whiskers.
We got our feral cat. She lives behind the sofa. I hope we will all survice this.

Ombia says:

Dear Donna I am so sorry for your loss!

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