When old and new come together

Posted on Sun, 24 May 2015 by KiM

I can’t get enough of lofts…and this one is a really cool mix of fold and new. Located in Russia (or Latvia?) this 2 story apartment was renovated with ideas of keeping it minimalist and bright, and to show a contrast of eras while preserving the original features. The windows are incredible, and while the kitchen seems dark which would make me crazy, I really like the rest of the open layout. Via The Village.  

Jared Hayden says:

I love the conceptual underpinning and execution, but I think it would work better as an office rather than a home. It's too rigorous for everyday life (mine at least).

Candice says:

I love mixing old and new but my taste in "old" is antiques and soft worn rugs and fabrics and "new" would be perhaps a few modern pieces of furniture.
The coldness of the rooms in these photos seems to need a lot more soft warm colors , fabrics etc.

Sissy says:

this minimalistic style is ideal for a holiday home.

mare says:

Hello Kim,yes its the place in Russia ,Moskva just called area metropol area Riga.128 m2 apartment.Loft ceiling hight from 2.25m -4,7 m so its really high ceilings.Love your monday pets section.nice brake !!!! Mare

littledragon says:

The floor lamp in the 4th photo- Any Ideas? Kinda like a Mouille. Love it!

Prakash Ghai says:

These designs are so soothing and pleasing to look at.

Avianti says:

Love how open this makes all of the rooms look! Very modern! Where in russia?

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