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Posted on Thu, 28 May 2015 by KiM

Minimalists beware. This British warehouse conversion available through The Modern House (designed by 6a Architects) may induce heart palpitations and shortness of breath. It is FILLED to the rafters with STUFF. And THINGS. And more stuff. And I am afraid to admit this….but I kind of like it. Except for the kitchen. A kitchen with that much clutter would drive me mad. I am however, feeling some plant envy. Details can be found here.

Axie says:

Well, I was going to say that as a minimalist (in my dreams), I kind of liked it too. Till I scrolled down- Whoa Nelly! I'm in the middle of a huge empty-nest-down-sizing and I suddenly feel the urge to kick it up a notch! But honestly, I do understand the idea of surrounding yourself with sentimental and prized things. I just don't want to worry about it all anymore. Or dust it. 🙂

amadis says:

I'm no minimalist but this is a bit frightening. The site says it's the home of an art collector. I've been in a couple of art collectors homes like this and they drove me nuts with all the clutter. Even though I'm an artist myself, I think it makes it hard to SEE anything for itself with so much stuff everywhere.

Also, regarding the kitchen, where do they store their food? Looks like one of those cramped under-shelf refrigerators you have to bend down to get anything in or out of and maybe one cupboard for dry goods. Guess it's eat out or take out in this household.

Emmanuelle C. says:

holly molly! that would be hard for me to live with so many things around, despite their obvious quality.

Jared Hayden says:

I've seen far worse. I have a friend who's such a pack rat… excuse me, maximalist… that rather than pare down her stuff when she runs out of wall and shelf space, she just moves to a bigger place.

ombia says:

Most of the europeean kitchens look like this – minus clutter – and there is more then enough storage. And with grocery shop around the Corner, you can always buy fresh fruit, veggies etc.
What somehow saves this chaos are colours or lack of them.
I agree with a comment above, with so much clutter, one can actually not see anything.

Wow, what a nice place to live! I'd definitely de-clutter a bit, but I guess there's a story behind every piece and I kinda like that. Also I find those pictures really refreshing, as I mostly see most-white nordic interiors (which I also like) on Pinterest 😉
Very bohemian as well! 🙂

lillylikely says:

Luvvie, I mean this well, but you HAVE TO GET A GRIP. You h-a-v-e t-o c-a-l-m d-o-w-n.

vronvron says:

It was refreshing to see a crowded house when so many homes look like operating rooms, too sterile.

Coco says:

Dear me. Oh well, each to their own but I am coining a new term: the person who lives here is a 'messamist'

kate says:

Under all the art, knick knacks, and fur – there is a really unique and amazing space. If this was my space (in my dreams), I'd keep the furniture, most the plants, the light fixtures, and the books and get rid of the rest. I love the little white stove and classic mid century modern furniture! I'm not a minimalist but I don't understand how you could cook on counter-tops, eat at tables, or soak in tubs that are completely covered in stuff.

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