Up on the roof

Posted on Tue, 2 Jun 2015 by midcenturyjo

Climb the stairs to the roof of this early 20th century Arts and Crafts style building and you’ll find a surprise. A contemporary pavilion surrounded by an inner city oasis of green and stunning views. Darlinghurst, Sydney Rooftop by CO-AP.

Esm3 says:

Hello ladies, firstly I want to say that I've followed this wonderful blog since 2008 and it has consistently being my no 1 visit every time I log on. Seriously love your styles. Well done and keep that amazing inspiration flowing.
Just a little niggle today and it's more a FYI – noting that I'm reading on a iPad. It seems the main page has a glitch. When I press "next 5 pages " it doesn't process the request. Could you look into that? Thanks again for an amazing site. Keep shining.

KiM says:

Thanks for the kind words Esm3!
We are aware of that glitch – I already have 2 other issues I sent to Squarespace weeks ago that they've done nothing with so I don't imagine they're going to be get this paging issue fixed anytime soon. As a workaround, if you click on the Archive tab at the top there's a list of all of our recent posts (or it seems to work on any other device). Sorry – I wish I could fix it myself but it's out of my control.

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