Meet the bride

Posted on Thu, 11 Jun 2015 by midcenturyjo

I love a little drama. Oh be honest Jo. I love a lot of drama. Why settle for a bland rabbit warren of rooms when you can create and cajole, imagine and conceive a space that screams luxury and sensory titillation. In the burbs no less. Melodrama! Meet the Bride as in the Bride and Groom by Russell & George. I’ll let them explain.

“This house is stage one of the transformation of an existing 1950s suburban house into one half of a grander vision. Dubbed the Bride and Groom, stage one is the bride, a decadent layered and luxurious series of reception and sleeping rooms. Stage two will be an open stone pavilion.”

Carol says:

Gorgeous bathroom!

Betsy says:

Looks like some nice detailing but its so dark can't really make it out too well.

Its kind of brilliant the way the book shelves mimic the window panes.

The house doesn't breath, I'd be outside in the sunshine too.

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