Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 15 Jun 2015 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net. Thanks!

This is Jellybeans, my 5-year-old chihuahua. I sometimes call her the Princess and the Pea because she likes to climb on top of any and all pillows in sight. I just made the yellow ones pillows pictured, so I’m grateful to her for letting me get one good picture before she takes them for her own.
– Brittany (Springfield, MO)

Attached is a photo of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlie enjoying the sunshine on a chilly winter morning on my newly installed window seat.
– Alisha (Killcare Heights, NSW Central Coast)

Savage followed me one day when I was walking my dog. He was just a kitten and so friendly. He can be found just about anywhere in my house! Today he decided my pottery made by my brother-in-law made for a comfy resting spot!
– Donna (Indiana)

1 – This is Bella squishing into a basket we have on our mantel; both the cats love to sleep here.
2 –
And here’s Bella watching the crows outside from my desktop.
– Jacquie (Vancouver, BC)

I know this isn’t inside of my home, but it’s my neighbour cat Mo. Ever since my cat has died he keeps me company in my garden and he makes my grieves a little less. This is his favourite place.
– Lia (The Netherlands)

1. The first picture (not aesthetically interesting) is to show you that four generations/families can become accepting enough to share our/their bed! On this photo, we have Tiger, Fougère, Shadow, Bruni and Repton! Tiger and Bruni are siblings, Shadow is Fougère’s mother and Repton is Shadow’s half brother… 
2. Tiger was found in my garden, adopted and adored by my dad until he passed away. Tiger then came back to live with us. On this photo, he is on my/
his father’s modern mosaic coffee table.
3. Finally, Buxus and Fougère taking a nap on the white sofa! They have been featured on Pets on furniture before (August 2014) but I couldn’t resist this photo.
– MarieClaude (Montreal)

My husband and I were sitting on the sofa the other night about to watch a movie and we looked over and saw Phoebe in one of her favourite poses. 

LC Whittle says:

I am happy you brought back pets on furniture. Thank you!

d of dogland says:

Yay! I love Pets on Furniture. My boy MoSmitty had something in common with Jellybeans. He always managed to stack and arrange all pillows to make a perfect pile to lay on. Then he'd wrap himself up in a throw blanket. I'd enter the room and it would look as if someone had come in and staged/styled the whole scene. It was pretty impressive.
That last pic of Savage deserves a mat and frame.
Mo the cat looks like a sweet friend. I'm glad he visits Lia.
Phoebe's really putting on the cute there. My cat Jimmy used to strike that pose when he wanted attention. I think he was saying, "Look how cute Jimmy is. You know you LOVE Jimmy."

They are all great!

Trina Dubya says:

Beautiful beasties!

Savage is just stunning, especially in that last photo.

lpb says:

Yes yes – awesome pets (thank you for sharing) but Savage's house! I love the pottery he has chosen as a perch as well as the collection of … wheels? on the wall!

Brittany says:

Jellybeans thanks you for helping her launch her campaign to take over the internet. She says, "First the pillows, then the world!"

ombia says:

Great pics! And the last one saying – look how cute am I!

Kristie B says:

I agree with Trina D, that last photo of Savage just squeezed my heart and won't let go!

Lynn says:

How darling! What beautiful pets!

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