A lakeside weekend home

Posted on Wed, 22 Jul 2015 by KiM

This lakeside weekend home in North Carolina is an absolute DREAM! (And OMG it’s a WEEKEND home?!?!) As I always say, a ‘cottage’ is where you can get away with anything. Here, the owners nixed the idea of a dining room in favour of a deep upholstered niche and shuffleboard table, and instead of a traditional boat dock opted for a ‘party dock’ – a floating lounge complete with wet bar, TV, swimmer’s platform and loungey furnishings. There’s even a bedroom converted into a gym with climbing wall. All made absolutely beautiful thanks to interior designer Heather Garrett. Perfectly rustic yet perfectly sophisticated and the perfect summer hangout. (In case you missed Heather’s loft, it’s here)

Jared Hayden says:

To me it's way overdecorated and fussy for a weekend place at the lake. They obviously don't have kids or dogs.

Jo says:

Ok, no problem, when can I move in?

Heather Garrett says:

The beauty is that they have 2 dogs and a toddler! All outdoor fabrics and finishes tough as nails, and everything gets hosed down with regularity. Kim, thank you so much for the highlight! This blog is our daily read:))

KiM says:

Hey Heather! Seriously impressed with this project. Keep 'em coming!!!
(She showed you Jared! 😉 )

Axie says:

Who needs furnishings, although very nicely decorated in my favorite style, I'd live in the pool! When can me and my water wings check in?
(In defense of Jared, there does seem to be quite a flock 'o poufs!)


Yi says:

I barely dislike project from this place. But is is a perfect example for everything is good but not good when they are together.

ombia says:

Toddler and no fence around the lake?????

Heather Garrett says:

You are right – it's the land of poofs! And photos in advance of the fence – yikes is right.

ombia says:

An interesting way to deal with constructive criticism.

María says:

Second and third pictures!! AMAZING
Lots of love, xx

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