Sawmill House

Posted on Wed, 29 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo

A collaboration between two brothers, one a sculptor, the other an architect, both with a passion for re-use and recycle. One tonne blocks of waste concrete anchor the building within the site, an old sawmill, and produce a patchwork of colour and texture. At 100sqm the house is not large but a series of moving walls and doors open the inside to the out expanding the visual boundaries of the rooms. Sawmill House by Archier.

Kelly says:

That is a really huge house. In the first photo it doesn't look so big but later, it's really huge. And nice.

Sparky says:

Beautiful design. Stunning and serene at the same time. Can you tell I like this place?

Kohl says:

I'm really loving this space. The tones are great. My only problem is the third picture down, the painting isn't in the center. This is my worst nightmare. Other than that, the thought of a nice breeze going through the house and those views. Amazing.

Mitch says:

As featured on Grand Designs Australia – Series 6, Episode 1: Yackandandah (Victoria).

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