An apartment of curiosities

Posted on Sun, 16 Aug 2015 by KiM

This apartment in a 1930’s building belongs to a couple (and their 2 children) who are antiquarians and gallery owners in Saint-Germain, Paris. They did not expect to live here for more than a couple of years because the space is only 700 square feet but the Parisian charm has kept them there 11 years so far. Their home is outfitted with antiques and items found on the street, making it so wonderfully eclectic. Via MilK Decoration magazine, photos: Brunet Souet.

donna says:

really fun!

Ruth says:

Couple with two children in 700 square feet? For real! More pics! It's fun imagining living here.

Maja says:

wow i love it. Very beauty!!!

Ann says:

When I saw the first pic in this post, I instantly thought "this is an artist's home maybe" … I wasn't quite correct, but close…love this space, very cool.

ombia says:

65 m2. Most of the city dwellers live in Europe in an apartment of that size. With kids. It is an avarage sized apartment. With bedroom, living room and small room for kids.

KiM says:

@ombia – I get that, I was simply saying this couple initially thought it was too small

oh Holland says:

Love this apartment filled with fun, style, comfort. And they pulled it off without being cluttered or cramped. As a small home dweller myself, I can say that you can do great design without being crowded out.

jason matulewicz says:

beautiful fun place keep going back to look and see something else i love.

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