Posted on Mon, 7 Sep 2015 by KiM

Modern design with traditional materials. Now this is how you do countryside living! From Spanish architects Anna & Eugeni Bach. The local building regulations are straightforward, specifying mere general characteristics for the new houses, such as stone cladding, or sloped roofs with “arab” tiles. The main aim of these regulations is to lead new buildings to look like old rural houses, the so called Catalan “masias”. Rather than portraying a traditional rural house, the project looks for another type of a relationship to the countryside, making a connection to the farm storages around this area. The spatial organisation of the house follows the logic of a warehouse, generating a large volume within which smaller units are placed, to offer intimacy. Bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are placed in “boxes” inside the “storage”. Between these, crossed views and circulations offer direct relationships to the landscape around the house.


Bean Bags


Original architecture !

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