Hard core

Posted on Sun, 13 Sep 2015 by KiM

It does not get much more hard core than this. A new location property (4300 sq ft victorian semi detached) available via Shoot Factory. I don’t think I need to say more. 🙂

d of dogland says:

Huh…"man cave " never occurred to me. I saw a lot that I liked and a lot that was just ostentatious. I admired some and barfed some.

But Why.... says:

Nothing else comes to mind that smacks of "I don't really cook" like this kitchen… It's absolutely ripe for a FUCK YOUR NOGUCHI COFFEE TABLE Sunday super combo:

– Animal bones. Everywhere!
– All stainless steel – I get the help to keep them all shiny
– An Aga (probably not used for heating or for normal practical use in this space)
– Exhaust over the stove? But it takes up skull space! Think of the dead animals!
– The slaves uh help don't have enough to do so there's a chandler in the kitchen
– Exposed ceiling boards: adds character to the room and to the food you're serving ("that's not salt")
– Liquor colleciton: for guests like me to keep their sanity. How considerate

nc says:

Everything looks cool and solid except for the round arch doors. They make the doorway look cheap and squat.

oh Holland says:

All this tells me is that narcissists with zero compassion for animals live here.

ombia says:

It looks like a fucking graveyard. Of animals. And of a good taste.

annie says:

Loathe it. It looks like decay. Utterly depressing.

Axie says:

All I can think of is: alone and dark, no power, 3am, stormy night. Do NOT go to sleep..

Blanders says:

My goodness, it's like the pied a terre of a Bond villain.

On the plus side, every time you open the closets with the deer antler handles, someone from PETA has an aneurysm.

Lea says:

Does Slash live here? Got to say I wasn't at all surprised by the zebra skin bedspread.

Jesse says:

Slash doesn't have this much taste. This is seriously wonderful. I can't believe how lame some of these commenters are. There is serious art going on here and most of you are crying about animal rights.

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