Compass & Rose

Posted on Wed, 30 Sep 2015 by KiM

I have some kitchen love to spread today. These 2 kitchens by London interior design firm Compass & Rose are the bees knees! Butcher block, matte black cabinetry, industrial and mid-century touches, reclaimed wood, subway tiles…they have it all. And then stellar photos (by Alexis Hamilton) to boot!

candice says:

Just recently, I got the idea of selling my house and buying something smaller. There was an Arts and Crafts home that I liked. The kitchen was done much the way this one is , just smaller. I loved the wood shelving on the white walls and the counters with nothing above them. Maybe some day I can copy this … next house I buy lol … I have to quit buying houses !

d of dogland says:

I'll take kitchen 1. Gonna funk it up a bit. Gonna get some funky fab vintage, antique and industrial pieces in there…oh yeah, some old brass, copper and industrial. Yup. I know exactly where my art goes. Yup.
Ok. Thank you. Oh wait…wha?…I didn't win this? Aww Bummer.

Priyanka says:


Hi kin
That's gorgeous . Mind blowing. My Dream house.


ombia says:

First kitchen is really great. Perfect place for cooking and eating with friends.

jpvrftw says:

*This* is how you do modern & rustic. Extremely clever; elegant, yet also unpretentious. One (extremely) minor criticism – I'd have had the cabinet door grooves on the kitchen cupboards routed horizontally instead, 'flush' with the oven door top 'n base, but otherwise totally faultless IMHO. Lovely stuff.

jpvrftw says:

To follow-up… It's 11am on a silvery-grey Saturday. The pair of vintage Tannoy DC's in the lounge, hooked up to an 80's Accuphase valve amp, is belting out some Hammock (think 2006's Raising Your Voice, Trying to Stop an Echo) with the smells of juniper, thyme, mulberry & venison wafting from the kitchen. A glass of devilishly good Pinot Noir, lightly chilled, is halfway supped and not a thing moves outside… Your grey Giulietta is outside, gathering oak leaves and two of your best friends are minutes away, visiting from abroad. Etc.

Anjali says:

That's looks stunning. The last photo looks awesome. That tile looks fascinating.

kajal negi says:

this looks stunning interior work is so much beautiful.

anushka says:

pictures look so amazing,such a beautiful kitchen decor, thanks for the idea.

Mayra Gupta says:

Nice Collection of Picutures. nice photography

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