I have a stalking problem

Posted on Wed, 7 Oct 2015 by midcenturyjo

Help! Help! Anyone out there? I’m still here, trapped in the real estate listings, stalking, stalking, stalking. New build. Brighton in Melbourne. A little sparse. Needs to be “broken in”, some personality added. Love the outdoor areas. Love that bathroom. That bedroom needs help and the photos are definitely not helping. Link here while it lasts. Can I get out now? Hello? Hello?

Keri says:

I love your stalking problem. 🙂 And that bedroom does need help.

Ruth says:

I wonder if your problem is worse than mine: stalking the real estate stalker!

david says:

trop de béton , trop de verre : une pure maison "lobbyes"….impossible de se sentir bien là dedans.

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