Kiki Dennis – a Park Slope brownstone

Posted on Thu, 8 Oct 2015 by KiM

Yes, it is yet another New York brownstone I managed to find on my internet travels. I just cannot get enough of the architecture of these stunning structures. The woodwork detail in this home is to die for, and with the addition of a little mid century funk from interior designer Kiki Dennis, this home is ready to rock. Photos: Brett Beyer

tmk says:

Om my lord THAT HOUSE! That is enough to make any homeowner jealous. The decor is super boring, but who cares when you have wood columns?

Sparky says:

Wow, gorgeous place!

That trim work is amazing!

Betsy says:

Was the wood bleached? Treated chemically, sanded? From my experience the brownstones in that area have heavy rosewood, dark.
And high maintenance.

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