Prospect Park West townhouse

Posted on Mon, 26 Oct 2015 by KiM

We have featured quite a few projects by Elizabeth Roberts Design (and Ensemble Architecture) on the blog and this one may be my all-time favourite. This 5 story 5200 sq ft residence had been owned by the same family for a century! This is one home where I can say without any doubt whatsoever that NO ONE SHOULD EVER PAINT OUT THE WOODWORK. EVER. (Renovations by MADE Architecture, finishes and furnishings by Elizabeth Roberts Design)

I am dying over this bathroom.

Trish says:

I am desperate to know the color/manufacturer of the greenish colored subway tile!

KiM says:

Sorry Trish I have no idea who makes those tiles.

Rachel says:

Anyone know where I can find that fabulous blue watercolor wallpaper in the bathroom?

Eileen says:

I too am hunting for those tiles – I think Mercury Mosaics Green Tea looks like it has enough variation to be close match!
(alas I don't live in the US, hopefully you do Trish)

What I'd like to know is how you turn on the shower!

Dian says:

I would love to know where to find th lighting in th master bathroom.

Sarah says:

Did anyone ever find the source of the green bathroom subway tile? pleeeeease….

Julie says:

I think the tile may be SAVOY LEAF.

Melissa says:

What a gorgeous home! Does anyone know where to find those vertical fixtures from the master bathroom?

Kara says:

I need that green subway tile in my life. I wish we knew

This is perfect! Bravo!

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