Amber bathrooms

Posted on Thu, 29 Oct 2015 by KiM

I want that bathroom above desperately. Ok, and every bathroom below. My bathroom is still driving me nuts on a daily basis and these are some fantastic inspiration for its eventual makeover. I would love to do a combination of black, white, walnut, marble, and brass. Glorious! All by none other than  Amber Interiors.

Alex says:

Just gorgeous. Does anyone know who makes the floor tiles in photos 2 and 5? Love them!

KikiV23 says:

Love, love, LOVE!!! I was wondering the same about floor tiles in images 2 and 5… They are beyond fabulous!

d of dogland says:

Great tile and stone. The walnut is fabulous and some beautiful old rugs too. Is that mudcloth patterned wallpaper? Very cool. I had been contemplating hand painting mudcloth patterns on an accent wall or even carving them in a cement skim coat. But, needed to get the job done quickly. This just reminded me. I should have just gone for it.

ombia says:

So beautiful. What a pitty taht half of the pics are overexposed and this way not really showing an interior properly

yulie says:

look it up in this link:

She is one of my favs!

Mara says:

Love the light. Any idea where to find it?

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