A summer apartment near Berlin

Posted on Thu, 5 Nov 2015 by KiM

WHOA. This summer apartment near Berlin is breathtaking. Arches, stone floor, brick ceiling, plaster walls….the textures are soooo beautiful. Interior design + rebuild + design/construction/restoration of furniture by Loft Szczecin, photos by Karolina Bąk.

Monica says:

I have not been able to pin any images to Pintrest for the last few days. Is something wrong?

KiM says:

It seems to stop working intermittently lately – I have no idea why. It's fine now.

ombia says:

I always wonder how are those uneven floors cleaned.

Jenny says:

The thing that drives me crazy with projects like these is that the design firm often doesn't post exterior photos on their site. I have a pathological need to see what type of structure this is to have those brick and vaulted plaster ceilings. I mean, it's totally a castle, isn't it?

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