A house near Berlin

Posted on Fri, 6 Nov 2015 by KiM

I wanted to share another project by Loft Szczecin, where simplicity is the key, allowing beautiful furnishings and lighting to take centre stage. The hardwood floors are pretty incredible too. (Speaking of hardwood floors, my living and dining room floors and staircase are being refinished on Tuesday. Can’t wait – BUH BYE orange!!! Going to stay with my folks during the process and leaving the cats here to survive in the basement and kitchen…this should be interesting)

Photos by Karolina Bąk

Michele says:

Love the modern, soft, streamlined neutrals, the leather, the sunlight … everything!

d of dogland says:

Hey Kim,
Do you know what type of finish they'll be using on your floors? Some finishes do some particularly nasty, toxic off-gassing during application and drying. The fumes/vapors/VOC's can be denser than air and sink. VOC's in hardwood floor finishes can include benzene, formaldehyde, toulene, xylene and arsenic. The basement may not be the best place for the kitties.

KiM says:

I don't know what type of finish but I'll warn him there's a house full of cats and I'd like them alive at the end of this process. (I have no where to bring 8 cats so basement is it). Thx for the warning!

ombia says:

Beautiful apartment.
And can't waint to see your new floors. Which colour will it be?

KiM says:

I haven't picked a stain yet. I figure just a classic brown (something that will work with my downpipe walls in the living room).

beth says:

Those plates on the wall in the dining room!

Gisela Hertz says:

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