Duck & Shed – Nevern Square

Posted on Mon, 16 Nov 2015 by KiM

This one bedroom flat on Nevern square in Earls Court, London is such a great example of space-saving solutions. Renovated by architecture and design firm Duck & Shed, the 3.8 m ceilings allowed for a mezzanine floor to be created to house a guest bedroom and extra storage. Bespoke joinery was then used throughout the flat, including a fold-away kitchen (so smart!) with a mirrored backsplash and part of the wall opposite the windows (also smart to make the space appear larger). There also seems to be tons of shoe storage so this is every girl living in a big city’s dream!

JM says:

That bench is stunning, but it seems so impractical in such a small space! Especially with the end caps that make (what looks like) the last 6-8 inches on each end unusable. It could be the angle of the photo, but that 3rd shot was so claustrophobic!

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