A simple beach house in Costa Rica

Posted on Thu, 19 Nov 2015 by KiM

I have another project from a Polish interior designer to share with you. Magda of 2kul Interior Design sent photos of a beautiful beach house in Costa Rica. Is a simple project, but maybe, with everything that is happening last days simple is not a bad thing. Project is in the middle of nowhere ;), around Avellana beach in Costa Rica. Not a big budget, not much stores around and qualified workers. So we use anything that we found and nature gave us. Bark of a palm tree gives us material to make chandelier above the stairs, beach sticks and wood from the ocean – all the other decorations, lamps structures, handmade ‘deer’ on a wall. Palets that been left after construction become furnitures. Had my mother and her skills around so ask to make this huge hanging black and white lamp that you can see in the corner of a room. This goes to show with a bit of ingenuity and some found objects, you can create a wonderful space with next to no budget. For the record Magda, your mom has talent – I would buy that light fixture!

Amazing article. Are those pics exclusively taken? If you have then I would love to feature few of them on my website http://thetrendin.com/ . Thanks.. Keep up the good work <3

Ruth says:

I love the re-use of packing crates. They really add up on a jobsite, and it's always nice to not see them tossed away.

There are so many ideas to steal in this flat. Love!

Valentino says:

I stayed here at this house for a few days… I am always thinking of how peaceful it was as we watched the sunrise and listened to the howler monkeys. In the north west part of the country and yet so stylish- We were all very surprised! Great job Dani!

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