Déjà vu

Posted on Tue, 24 Nov 2015 by midcenturyjo

I knew it was familiar. I knew I’d seen it before. Not the living area. No, turn around. It’s the kitchen. And that table. And those windows, those glorious windows. We all love clicking through the listings on our favourite location sites. It’s a bit like real estate stalking. I’d never seen a house before that I recognised though until I saw this place. They filmed Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals here. I must confess that my attention was only half given over to Jamie Oliver’s cooking whenever I watched the program. I was scoping out the kitchen and trying to imagine what was outside those wonderful windows. Now I know. Faith House via Airspace Locations.

Axie says:

Oh Oh Oh! I have always wanted to push the cameras beyond that beautiful kitchen! Thanks so much for this find!

Ruth says:

Thank you!

Mary Therese O'Rourke says:

The kitchens on Pininterest are all so boring. They all look the same. And they are usually in light color. But this one really caught my eye. It's perfect. I wouldn't change a thing – MT in Chicago

d of dogland says:

Great space with a relaxed, comfortable vibe. Awesome windows and brick. I'd be a happy camper in that kitchen. Though, I'd change the cooktop if it were mine full-time. I prefer continuous grills that you can slide pans on and an induction burner or two would be handy. But, those are minor tweaks.
Hopefully, there aren't any neighbors with a direct view into the place. It'd be a shame to have to cover those windows. Given the opportunity, I'd deal with it and love it!

Annie says:

I agree with Mary above. Great to see a kitchen with some character – and one that is also functional. Fantastic space.

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