A bachelor’s first home

Posted on Wed, 9 Dec 2015 by KiM

Perhaps I am still making up for Sunday’s all black apartment with this blinding white bungalow designed by Los Angeles based Alice Cheng of Shialice. Such a beautifully simple yet powerful statement in this home for a bachelor. His friends are envious no doubt! Light in the main spaces, and dark elsewhere, the combination of these two extremes provides drama. The mid-century elements add a little funk. 

Jared Hayden says:

Judging from the decor, I'd guess he's a "confirmed" bachelor.

ombia says:

His first home?

Jack says:

What is a "confirmed" bachelor? If you mean gay, straight men have refined taste too my dear!

Lea says:

Fantastic taste no matter who it's for! Love to see a little bit of colour in the kitchen though and the bathroom would be a knockout with the cube tiles just on the floor. love most of it.

Bachelor4Realz says:

Missing the oversized tv and pizza stains on the white carpet in the living room.

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